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Development and Customization

Our mobile solutions can be customized and tailored to your companies specific needs. We know that all companies are different, so our solutions can adapt to your unique business. Here at ITGROUP we also develop custom mobile solutions if needed, below you will see two examples of two custom mobile solutions we have developed.


With over 20 years in the Software Development business with integration to main ERP systems. Our team of experts are here to guide you with the ERP integration of your company.


We offer support and training for each implementation. After the solution is implemented, we will continue to monitor your project. And support the company in the evolution of the software to make changes and make it evolve at the same time as the company.

What are our processes based on?

ITGROUP utilizes a project management methodology that is proven for over 20 years and more than 900 successful projects to date. Today, this methodology is based on Agile principles.

Custom Solutions

Mobile Audit

Mobile Audit is an innovative app that lets auditors verify what the pickers took and validate that the merchandise is there. This is a great tool for big companies with hundreds of products. Save time through faster, automatic, and value-added audits.

  • Mobile Audit can perform the function of auditing the load of the truck at each door of the warehouse. 
  • The system receives data from LogiTrak, this includes the data of the merchandise assigned and placed by the previous picking process, in each door or staging area.
  • Using a mobile device, the auditor can scan each Picking List (SAPPACK) and then each box or unit belonging. In order to validate the load of each trip stop, as well as identify and resolve differences, etc.

Mobile Audit increases business productivity in real-time by doing away with manual spreadsheets and printed reports. The app identifies control breaches quickly,  bringing fraud and errors to the immediate attention of auditors. In turn, auditors can act quickly to stop the issues. Simplify audits, and enhance the reliability of evidence-recording with tablets and mobile devices.

MedPlus Rec

The Med Plus Rec app is a mobile solution that registers receipt transaction bills by using a Honeywell scanner and iPhone 8+ mobile device.

  • Scans the SKU or UPC code of each product to be received.
  • Data entry of invoices.
  • Cost Entry of each Product scanned.
  • Additional Costs Entry and validation of amount.

The MedPlus Rec app allows precise data entry without human errors. This, in turn, saves time and money. 

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