SAEX Collections

SAEX is a highly customizable web and mobile app that lets your financial team collect past due debts. You can make the rules for each list and assign them through individual zones. This app works for all types of debt: mortgages, cars loan, personal loans, and credit lines.

Benefits of using SAEX
  • Get the whole history of your customer relationships in one place, from communications and conversations to payments and collections.
  • Increased collection dollars and better customer relationships.
  • More recoveries lead to more revenues.

Web portal and mobile app with offline capabilities.

Collect debts faster with the a simple and straightforward dashboard.

SAEX seamlessly integrates with all your systems, so you’ve got all your tools in one place.

Plan out each customers visits from your phone with SAEX’s calendar.

Automatic notifications such as payment reminders, invoicing, and internal escalations.

Have all of your clients information in one place: contact info, address, debt status and more.

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Types of Accounts
Your client list on the palm of your hand
  • List of all your accounts.
  • View all clients information from your phone.
  • Online/Offline Mobile App for iOS and Android.
  • Know your clients location, debt amount and type of debt.
Client Planner
Plan out visits and collect debts faster
  • Automate your visits.
  • Schedule and plan out your week.
  • Evidence of payment can be printed or saved via email.
  • Our team of in-house developers can customize SAEX to your specific needs.
Client Tracker
Save time and money
  • Call or text clients easily.
  • Email clients information from your phone.
  • Take efficient routes to visit clients faster and collect more.
  • Put comments for each client to remember key details and have a more personalized service.
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Mobile Solutions

We provide mobile solutions for each product with offline capabilities.


Streamline management and provide consistent buyer experiences.


ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your companies ERP.


For each product we can tailor them to your specific needs.