B2X E-commerce

The B2X solution is a responsive E-commerce platform that allows your company to sell wholesale or retail. The B2X portal and app can be branded and tailored to your companies specific needs. It supports promotions, precise audits, stunning product catalogs, omnichannel sales, and back-office integrations. Accept payments from any type, offer reward points, and make deliveries directly to your customer with the B2X delivery app.

Benefits of using B2X
  • Complete visibility of product catalogs, prices, promotions, etc. Reduces overhead costs and speeds up the sales cycle.
  • Fast and user-friendly platform leads to better customer retention.
  • Increase B2B and B2C online sales volume and speed.

Back-office integrations to keep data up to date and consistent.

Configure dynamic forms for in-store retail audits and activities.

Discounts can be assigned to products, entire categories, shipping, order totals, and more.

Product comparison allows you to place the products you want to compare, one side by side to facilitate your research.

Show related products to increase sales while customers browse the product page.

Reward points feature allows you to offer earned points for the money spent in your store. 

Trusted by these industry leading companies
Customers can order straight from their phones 24/7 with the B2X platform.
  • Order Entry (Online or Batch).
  • Online/Offline Mobile App for iOS and Android.
  • Brand your B2X portal and app with logos, colors, images and more.
  • A customer can redeem points for additional products in your store.
  • Our team of in-house developers can customize B2X to your specific needs.
Delivery App
Segment your products in the B2X platform and deliver them directly to your customers.
  • Compare products side by side.
  • Allow your clients and customers to create wishlists with B2X.
  • Customize your B2B E-commerce platform tailored to your customers specific needs.
  • Speak to your customers from across the globe with the multiple languages feature.
  • Through the B2X Delivery App, the system allows drivers to make deliveries directly to your customer's location.
Filters and Payments
Let your customers find specific products fast and accept various payment methods.
  • Segment your products by brands, manufacturers, categories and more.
  • Allow customers to search specific keywords to locate your products faster.
  • Customers can filter products with the "Price range" option.
  • Customers can pay via Debit, Cash or Credit.
B2X Desktop Version
Mobile Solutions

We provide mobile solutions for each product with offline capabilities.


Streamline management and provide consistent buyer experiences.

ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your companies ERP.


For each product we can tailor them to your specific needs.