About Us

Who are we?

We are a software development company with a focus on mobile technology. We pride ourselves in our ability to create automation for critical business processes with integration to main ERP systems. Our mobile solutions are currently being used in over five countries.

Our mission is to become the most creative and innovative mobile solutions provider. Each mobile solutions we create are fully customizable, allowing us to solve your most tedious challenges and help you adapt to constant industry changes.

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Our team of experts are among the best in the business. We have carefully divided into multiple key groups. Business Process Analysts, Developers, Support Technicians, and Quality Control to name a few. These well-versed and efficient teams help us be more empathetic, help us manage projects effectively, and ultimately be successful from start to completion.



The team is constantly researching, creating, and implementing new solutions. Their knowledge provides comprehensive products and apps based on modern technology that is focused on solving real-world problems. These problems are adapted and adjusted according to the particular needs of each and every one of our clients.



Our project methodology guarantees the success of our implementations. We stand behind every one of our products and have carefully curated the implementation of each and every solution. Our intent, strategy, and sole purpose are to have our solutions be implemented successfully and efficiently every time.

Our trusted clients
Case Studies
Edgardo Conty

“With ITGROUP’s solutions; which provide the real-time conversion of the purchase order to a sales order, our company has reduced the ordering time by 30% at the point of sale. Thus making our salesforce more efficient. We think this is the future for the industry.”

Credit Vice President V.Suárez

Enrique López

“Our company has managed to have a more direct relationship with our customers, maintaining metrics and updated information at all times. Their customization and support sets them apart.”

Systems Director B. Fernández