Customer Experience Module is a web app that automates telesales and customer service activities, it can integrate relevant data from iMobileSF and Logitrak into a single screen or from your designated ERP.


servicio al cliente



View calls and invoices from a single screen. Allowing your team to perform faster and make more relevant calls.

The service agent will be able to process order entry and make payment arrangements through electronic payment (ACH and credit cards).

You can make and receive calls through the company’s VOIP connection using the optional SoftPhone tool.

Proper segmentation allows to better customer retention and acquisition.

Our web portal integrates with your ERP.

A/R Aging feature lets you view which customer’s payments are overdue.

It allows you to organize and create a call plan since the CXM solution works in a call center format. Where you can view calls, invoices, A/R Aging, promotions, issues, shipment/order status, order entry, and collections.

CXM can also automate price contracts negotiation activities for strategic or major customer accounts.
Benefits of using CXM
Better quality leads with proper segmentation.
Superior customer service due to faster and more relevant calls.
Easily and quickly connects all important customer information on a single screen.
Automate Tele Sales and Customer Service
  • Send out promotions to your customer.
  • View where your truck drivers are directly from CXM.
  • Connects data from MobileSF and LogiTrak or from your designated ERP.
  • Our team of in-house developers can customize CXM to your specific needs.
Mobile Solutions

We provide mobile solutions for each product with offline capabilities.


Streamline management and provide consistent buyer experiences.

ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your companies ERP.


For each product we can tailor them to your specific needs.